Do You Know the highest IQ in the world?

The highest IQ (confirmed by writing in the Guinness Book of Records) is the Korean Kim Ung-yong (born 1963). Already at the age of one he could read English, German, Korean and Japanese. His IQ is 210.

Below are celebrity with Genius IQ:

IQ 78 Muhammad Ali (boxer)
IQ 86 Andy Warhol (Artist)
IQ 100 Britney Spears (pop singer)
IQ 118 Lee Harvey Osvald (JF Kennedy)
IQ 125 George W. Bush
IQ 132 Jodie Foster (actress)
IQ 132 Nicol Kidman (actress)
IQ 135 Robin Williams (actor)
IQ 137 Bill Clinton
IQ 140 Ondřej Hejma
IQ 140 Hillary Clinton
IQ 140 Shakira (pop singer)
IQ 140 Madonna (pop singer)
IQ 164 Sharon Stone (actress)
IQ 160 Jessica Simpson (American actress)
IQ 160 Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft)
IQ 160 Albert Einstein (scientist)
IQ 162 Stephen Hawking (scientist)
IQ 176 John Quincy Adams (US President with Highest IQ)
IQ 186 Marilyn Vos Savant (the smartest woman in the world)